The Three Levels of Dress help you plan your wardrobe, dress appropriately for the occasion, and guide you in the use of your types.

Level One

Level One is the casual level of dress. Since this is going to be the level where feeling comfortable takes precedence, your Comfort Zone will play the most significant role here. Your Core will be present, since you want to feel like yourself as well, but your Aspiration may not be present in all your outfits, since showing your best self tends to be less important than feeling comfortable or like yourself in these kinds of situations.

Level Two

Level Two is equivalent to what is commonly thought of as business wear (although your workplace may not require it). Since staying true to yourself is important for feeling confident in a professional or more serious setting, it’s important to make sure that your Core is shining through here. You will still want to feel comfortable, however, and you will also want to present your best self, so your Comfort Zone and Aspiration will still play a role.

Level Three

Level Three is formal. For the most formal occasions, you want to present your very best self, so your Aspiration is going to help you accomplish that. You want to maintain your Core, though, so you still feel true to yourself. Feeling comfortable tends to take a backseat in Level Three occasions, so your Comfort Zone may disappear.