Your type combination in Personality Squared is based on the clothes you love to wear, when you wear them, and how they make you feel. There are eight types: Pretty, Sporty, Sophisticated, Elegant, Edgy, Playful, Free-Spirited, and Glamorous.

You can have up to three types in your Personality Squared Combination. There are three possible positions for these types:

  • COMFORT ZONE: The type that makes you feel comfortable.
  • CORE: The type that makes you feel like you.
  • ASPIRATION: The type that makes you feel your best.

Each of these is also associated with a Level of Dress:

  • COMFORT ZONE is associated with Level One.
  • CORE is associated with Level Two.
  • ASPIRATION is associated with Level Three.

Your Combination will be as expressed as Comfort Zone (if applicable)-Core-Aspiration (if applicable). Mine, for instance, is Sporty-Edgy-Sophisticated.

It doesn’t matter what you look like — your Personality Squared Combination operates independently of your appearance. It is solely based on self-expression. This can help you bridge the gap when you know your best look based on your physical characteristics, but you feel like the only thing missing in your look is you.