Personality Squared has eight distinct types, each representing a different style personality.


Pretty is for people who feel their best in lighter colors and delicate designs, and have always enjoyed dressing up.


Sporty is for people who like bright or neutral colors and clean design, and prefer feeling comfortable.


Sophisticated is for people who make bold choices in both color and design, and tend to gravitate toward a slightly elevated look for everyday.


Elegant is for people who prefer to stick to a conservative color palette and a timeless look, and always look neat and put together.


Edgy is for people who wear a lot of black and punk/goth-influenced styles, and maintain a spirit of rebellion in their attire.


Playful is for people who love bright colors and eye-catching design, and tend to wear things that have a youthful spirit.


Free-Spirited is for people who love earth tones or colors that look like they are from natural dyes and an eclectic approach to fashion, and maintain a sense of freedom in their look.


Glamorous is for people who wear colors and styles that grab your attention, and like to feel sexy in what they wear.